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Private hotels in Bonn, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Salzburg, Vienna and further cities

Holiday fun, as individual as our guests themselves: PrivateCityHotels promise unforgettable experiences in unique, successfully privately managed hotels in Bonn, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Salzburg, Vienna and further cities.

Each single hotel captivates through its very own charm. But there is one thing our guest can always rely on: first-class quality and excellent service are the hallmarks of the high requirements we demand of ourselves – a standard you can rely on.

It´s about people!

At PrivateCityHotels, guests are the center of attention.  Individuality, time and again excitingly different: with this concept, our hotel cooperation gives you a warm welcome.

Discover the variety of private hotel industry – PrivateCityHotels in Bonn, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Salzburg, Vienna and further cities warmly invite you to do so.

My perfect day ...

… in Bonn by John Füllenbach,

Climbing Drachenfels: my suggestion for the morning

A perfect day in Bonn commences of course with a first-class breakfast at Hotel-Restaurant Zur Post. For our guests, the abundant selection is already included in the room rate. ...

... in Hamburg by Nils Jacobsen,

First sportingly, then leisurely: my perfect start to the day

Before doing anything else, I am fond of running along Elbe River – from picturesque Oevelgönne district, passing by the captain houses to Teufelsbrück ferry peer. From ...

... in Nuremberg by Elisabeth Klughardt,

The perfect way to start the day

A perfect day in Nuremberg starts with the delicious and scrumptious breakfast buffet at Hotel Klughardt where we will go the extra mile to make sure your day starts just the way you like it. After ...

... in Salzburg by Stefanie Fleischhaker,

Walk with a view

My tip for a perfect day in town: start off the morning with a nice walk! Climbing up on Kapuzinerberg is worth it in two ways: on the one hand, it is home to the historical Capucines cloister, which evolved from a ...

... in Vienna by Roman Mayrhofer,

A walk through the centuries

For the afternoon I recommend to go on a long walk through the 1st district. Walk from Schwedenplatz to Stephansplatz through numerous tiny alleys such as Hafnersteig, Schönlaterngasse as well as Dom- and ...

… in further cities by Carolin Block,

Sporty start of the day – as the mood takes you


No matter whether you prefer ...

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Nuremberg Zoo Jubilee 75 years

Faunal jubilee: Nuremberg Zoo celebrates its 75th anniversary Nuremberg Zoo captivates adult visitors and kids as well. As lovingly designed landscape zoo, it offers its inhabitants space enough within a species-appropriate environment. At the monkeys’ staircase, the dolphin lagoon, or the beaten track – everywhere in Nuremberg Zoo, visitors can come very close to the animals. In this year,...

The Playmobil anniversary at Nurembergs Toy Museum

Family vacation at Nuremberg Playmobil Toy Museum – on the occasion of its 40th anniversary What’s about combining a visit of Nuremberg’s Playmobil Toy Museum with a family vacation? This is the very right moment for a great stay in this Franconian city offering lots of fun for adult visitors and kids as well! The famous colorful Playmobil Figures are reaching the age of 40 years. On the...

Field of Experiences for the Senses in Nuremberg

The field for sensual experiences – enjoying Nuremberg with all senses! Also this year, the field for sensual experiences invites people to enjoy Nuremberg once more – but in a very different way. The motto should be taken literal: visitors of all ages can experience the grounds around Wöhrder Wiese with all senses. Numerous stations are just to be put into action! Visitors are not simply...

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